Mayor Appoints Naomi N. Shelton as Interim Secretary

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mayor Appoints Naomi N. Shelton as Interim Secretary

Dr. Stephanie Scott steps down after four years of service.

Today, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty named Naomi N. Shelton as interim Secretary of the District of Columbia, overseeing all aspects of the Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia (OS). Shelton previously served as the Chief of Staff to former Secretary Stephanie D. Scott. Dr. Scott has stepped down in order to spend more time with her children while her husband is deployed to Iraq.

In addition to serving as Chief of Staff for OS, Shelton has served District government as Director of the Office of Notary Commissions and Authentications, and as Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff to the Mayor. As Notary Director, Shelton oversaw the modernization of the office by creating the District’s first electronic database of notaries, the online map of notaries public which allows residents to find a notary without having to call the office, and streamlining the commissioning process.

“Naomi Shelton has served as a valuable asset to the Executive Office of the Mayor, and will play a vital role as this administration enters our next transition,” said Mayor Fenty. “I’m confident she will work as hard as humanly possible to ensure a seamless transition for the Office of the Secretary.”

“I am pleased that Naomi has agreed to step forward so I can give my children my full attention,” said former Secretary Stephanie D. Scott. “Her commitment to this agency and continuing to make District government efficient, accountable, and customer-oriented is evident.”